Gear: Hub City Vintage Watch Rolls

People who know me know that I’ve recently picked up a really bad case of watch fever. Hopefully it’s not terminal, but it’s bad enough that, over the past year, I’ve accumulated enough watches to need a way to safely house and transport them all. To that end, I recently purchased something called a watch roll from a fantastic company out of South Carolina called Hub City Vintage. And I liked that first roll so much that I went ahead and purchased two more.

My experience with the Hub City Vintage family of watch rolls inspired me to create this video review. Give it a click if you’d like to learn more about watch rolls, discover why the watch lover in your life might need one, and why I think the Hub City Vintage family of watch rolls is perfect for the type of person who, like me, never thought they’d find themselves buying a watch roll.

Oh, and I think it’s worth mentioning that Hub City Vintage watch rolls are all handmade in the USA, all feature 100-percent natural materials, and can all be spec’d as fully vegan products. This is really rare in the watch roll space, which is filled with products that rely heavily on leather or microfiber synthetics. If this is important to you, definitely give HCV’s family of watch rolls a look

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    If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the two videos I posted showcasing a shoe called the NikeLab Veil that my team at Nike designed, developed and helped bring to market.

    Those brief snippets elicited tons of questions, so I created the long-form video embedded here to share answers and to provide an in-depth look at the shoe. If you have any interest in the NikeLab Veil or in how modern-day athletic shoes are made, please give it a watch. And, afterwards, don’t hesitate to shoot any follow-up questions or feedback my way on Instagram or @edotkim on Twitter.